Skobul International

А travel agency with A license established in 2007 who organizes incoming and outgoing tourism. Also we are known for our special tours for foreign participants in marathons in our country.

 We have been present in the tourist offer of the country and the region for 14 years. With years of work and experience we have perfected the classic tours such as one-day city tours, visits and accommodation in famous resorts, winter resorts, spas and the like. Our guests were tourists from almost all European countries, USA, Australia, Malaysia …. We also offer all-purpose products, as specialized packages for participants in all street and mountain races in Northern Macedonia and most in the Balkans. Mountain tours with guides in the mountains. Then the latest product, the opportunity for guests in Skopje to jog in the company of local runners. Soon we will make this possible for cycling fans as well.

Why Skobul Travel?

Classic tours
Cultural and active tourism
Special tours for foreign participants in marathons in Macedonia

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