Paddle Klub is a mobile organization, offering viriaty of SUP tours, adventures and expedition, operating across the whole coutry. Although this country is landlocked, it boasts an abundance of water. With over 50 mountain and glacial lakes, countless rivers and waterfalls, more than 15 artificial lakes and 3 big natural lakes, North Macedonia is a true paddlers’ paradise.

 This fairly new sport is a great way of bringing people closer to nature, getting them outdoors and away from the everyday fast paced life, in the company of fun-loving, adventurous people. People started wanting to experience something new and exciting, something that they have never done before, as well as go and explore places that were previously not available to them. The ability to ‘walk’ on water, overlooking the crystal clear watery surface of our lakes and rivers, can leave anyone speechless. Truly a unique way of exploring the country.

Why Paddle Klub?

Our highly experience staff has many years of experience, countless tours and adventures in our home country and all over the world, making our club one of the most recognized and respected clubs in the SUP community across the World.
Being mobile is giving us the opportunity to go to any location in the country. Our customisable tours are personalized with a friendly service, helping you follow your own rhythm, while making new friends and having lots of fun exploring new destinations.

We absolutely love meeting new people, share experiences, exchange stories and ideas, show off our favourite places and hidden gems from our magical country.

Our teambuilding activities organized on the water are always great fun. Bringing everyone closer and creating special bonds
With ‘Active Tourism’ being the NEW ‘Vacation’ format, joining our SUP adventures will make your travel unforgettable, enjoyable and defiantly more FUN.

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