Welcome to 5th Macedonian Travel Marketplace 25-26.02.2021

Dear NAITM members,

We believe that deep in all of us there is hope for a better tomorrow. We believe in that because all of us have experienced too many challenges that we never imagined could happen to us. This difficult period has left no one indifferent and without worries, but we also firmly believe that each of us unconditionally keeps a ray of positive thought – that one day things will return to normal. We are aware that this new normal will have a new dimension and a different face, but it will strive to grow into a solid base on which we will surely pave the new path in the incoming tourism in Macedonia. It is a privilege to work in this sector. Each of us who works here with love is a hero of his time. Let’s us remember the beautiful moments, but not to be focused on the past. Therefore, we invite you to honor us with your presence at the 5th Macedonian Travel Marketplace. Bring your ray of positive thought with you so that together we can unite it in a beam of light and symbolically represent the dawn – that part of the day when the darkness slowly disappears.

Let us look the truth in the eyes, but respond with work, commitment and faith in a better future.

This year’s 5th Macedonian Travel Marketplace for the first time will be held in an online hybrid format. This doesn’t mean that it will differ in scope, but still the way of performance and focus will definitely change. By participating in this event, you will attend a conference where the eminent speakers in the field of tourism will point out the successful solutions to the current challenges as well as the strategies for the challenges that follow after the global health and economic crisis, through the prism of the new Digital Economy. The main goal we want to achieve through this event is to face the real expectations, the new trends and the current state of the industry.

Let us share the information about the participation of the 30 carefully selected tour operators from the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Austria who in their visions for a successful tourist offer have Macedonia as a destination. The fact that the big European tour operators have our country in their plans speaks loudly about the bright future of the Macedonian tourism. However, we mustn’t neglect the fact of their long experience, which obliges us to represent Macedonia with dignity. We are all aware that in the coming period, the opening of new business opportunities is crucial for all from the incoming tourism, so the goal of achieving new business relationships is set at the highest level.

On behalf of the Board of Directors


Vlatko Sulev

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