Mlekarnica Malesh

The dairy company MALESH is located in the village Smojmirovo in clean environment, in the bosom of Malesh Mountains The company produces more than 20 different kinds of dairy products from cow, sheep and goat milk, made according to old, traditional recipes

Cow, sheep, goat and mixed white cheese
Hard cheese

DAIRY MALESH came of a long-standing family tradition transformed into a family business, which exists successfully on the Macedonian market for 15 years. Our mission is production and placement of quality products on the Macedonian market, made of pure, natural milk from one of the most ecologically clean region in Macedonia – Maleshevia.

We Produce different types of soft white cheese that are made 100% from cow, sheep and goat milk, as well as mixed cheese, yoghurt, sour milk and cottage cheese also 100% cow milk. All of our products are made according to an old and traditional century old recipes, transferred from generation to generation.

At this time when a great attention is paid to the quality and the origin of the food we consume, the question is how much we can believe in the quality of the products that are offered in the stores and the markets. From the whole range of products offered in the markets, buyers and consumers have to be sure that the product they decide to buy and consume is quality and meets all the quality standards and the origin of the same product. You can find such kind of products, natural, healthy, products with proven quality here with us.



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