Fort Cafe has been operating since 2013, as a resting place for foreign tourists who most often visit Ohrid in organized tours. Of course, here are also the individual tourists who, because of the location, which is in front of the entrance of the fortress, want to stay longer and enjoy the beautiful view and their desire to look at those walls of the ancient building. Fort Cafe is a fusion of tradition and modernity, where guests can learn about the city story of Ohrid, family values and customs.

The interior of Fort Café is like a mini gallery, decorated with authentic furniture from the old city houses of Ohrid, filled with collectibles even older more than 90 years; old collections of watches, cameras, camcorders, radios. The peace, the tranquility, the view, the hospitality and the kindness of the staff is what gives Fort Cafe a special and greater value. Inside, the guests can enjoy in the authentic family story and tradition in a relaxed atmosphere, and outside, in the open terraces, they can enjoy the view of the fortress or the lake, feel the scent of the flowers, sitting under the wide shadows of the old walnuts.

For a small number of guests with a previous reservation, we can prepare a traditional “Ohrid table” where food is served in crystal serving dishes with silver cutlery, and drinks are served in crystal cups, the coffee in porcelain coffee cups, which are a personal collection and carry the spirit and value of the tradition.

Why Fort Café?

Fort Café is an ideal place to relax after sightseeing of the old town, with a great offer of drinks, coffee, desserts and souvenirs. Authentic welcome of the guests with a homemade jam, served in a traditional way. Due to the location, right at the entrance of the fortress, the great view of the fortress and the lake and the story that the place itself tells, Fort Cafe is a location worth visiting.

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