Kutmicevica Pension and Restaurant

Kutmicevica is a pension settled in a restored 19th century rooming-house that has retained its original architecture and has been kitted out with authentic fixtures and furnishings which offer a unique experience to our guests.

At the altitude of 950 meters, the widely opened terrace presents beautiful panorama of Struga valley, magnificent Ohrid Lake and mountain top of Pelister. Positioned in the picturesque village of Vevcani, the restaurant uses the advantage of the completely unpolluted soil around the village to grow organic vegetables, fruits, to produce wine from its own vineyards and collaborate with local farmers for homemade, fresh dairy products.

At Kutmicevica Pension, guests can feast on hearty Macedonian cuisine but more important menu which as a main focus has thelocal traditional recipes which were made years and years ago by our grand-parents like homemade sausages and pies.

In that way, the restaurant is offering a distinguishing experience from the everyday, modern cuisine and also is contributing to permanent preservation of traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation and their presentation to the wide world.

Situated at the foot of Jablanica mountain, 14km from Ohrid Lake, the village of Vevcani is a place which can offer great experiences to all true mountain lovers and adventurers. Settled in this picturesque village, Kutmicevica provides an unforgettable view both from restaurant’s terrace and apartment’s balconies to all of the nature’s treasures like mountain Jablanica, Ohrid Lake and Valley, Pelister peak.

The authentic house in which the pension is placed, is a 200 years old restored home with architecture and design specific to the old houses of Vevcani, which we try to preserve and display through the ambience of every corner in the restaurant. And to all of it comes the traditional menu which is prepared and constantly improved with special attention in order to provide a good enough presentation of the long-standing local cuisine, using only products grown он the plantations owned by the restaurant or by local associates.

Using that method, the restaurant and the village possibilities are at the same time an example of an unbreakable chain and a way in which all smaller places should function and collaborate. Such unique proposal, supplemented by the professional service and commitment of our personal, makes surely every tour for our guests to be interesting and unforgettable.

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  • Address
    41.240569, 20.589571
  • Operating since/ Last restoration
    Operating since/ Last restoration

    2006/February 2020

  • Capacity Inside/Outside
    Capacity Inside/Outside

    100 seats inside (widely opened dining hall with excellent view)/  /

  • Bus Approach/Parking
    Bus Approach/Parking

    In the centre of the village, 10 minutes foot walk to the restaurant required

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    Card payment


  • Staff speak languages:
    Staff speak languages:

    Macedonian, English (European Common Level B1)

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