Kompas Skopje

Established in 1965, as part of a state owned company, KOMPAS SKOPJE LTD is a travel and tour operating company and is entity of PARTNERSHIP – SHAREHOLDING Company. The principal business of our Company is TOURISM AND TRAVEL in retail and tour operating travel business. With almost 55 years of experience and tradition, KOMPAS has developed into a modern company with new ideas in promotion and establishment on the travel market.

Our main fields of operations are: 

  • inbound travel
  • outboundtravel
  • airline ticketing
  • congresses and seminars
  • transportation
  • accommodations

Since 2001-2002, KOMPAS has pioneered the incoming tourism in Macedonia especiallygiving accent on the adventure and experience tourism in the region. With our biking, hiking and jeep safari tours, we brought these new trends into our country.  We also developed a unified Balkan consortium with same-minded tour operators in different states on the Balkans, together promoting Balkan tours on foreign markets.

Why Kompas Skopje?

  • Being the pioneer in the incoming business in Macedonia, we have experience and knowledge in developing programs and tours that follow the tourism trends and the requests of the new type travelers.
  • Our long-term cooperation with our suppliers all over the Balkans, allow us to guarantee our quality services, our competitive prices and our determination in creating the right programs for our clients.
  • Our biggest and greatest investment in the company is our staff and team. A combination of young and experienced, we have devoted time and money in service training, travel education and international guides training allowing the team to develop and learn while sharing each other’s experience and knowledge.
  • Our development team dedicates their time to research and develop new trending programs, our marketing team devotes it time in finding best ways in new types of marketing and promoting, while our operation team keeps our full systems running smoothly and efficiently answering to all tasks in matter of minutes.
  • We are one of the few Balkan tour operators that have their own RISK MANAGEMENT system running in our company where we devote our time assessing, in advance, all risks in our programs and tours. With this, we educate our personnel in advance procedures for right approach and reactions in risk situations so we can limit the unwanted experiences of our clients from minimum to none. 

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