Southeastern region – Strumica – Gevgelija – Dojran

This Southeastern region of Macedonia has 10 municipalities of which Strumica, Gevgelija, and Dojran are the most popular. The region borders Greece and Bulgaria, and its administrative centre is Strumica with approximately 35.000 inhabitants. The dominant places for recreation and tourism are the mountains Kozuf (2,132 m), Belasica (1,881 m), Ograzden (1,746 m), Plachkovica and other smaller mountains, as well as the Dojran Lake. Due to its geographical diversity and the mild climate, the region has many forms of tourism: lake, spa, mountain, countryside, transit, casino tourism and various other types of alternative tourism. The biggest cultural attraction in the region and the Medieval monasteries od Vodocha and Veljusa located close to Strumica. The majority of the other attractions are natural

Dojran Lake

Dojran is a lake with an area of 43.1 km2 shared between N. Macedonia  and Greece. The lake has a rounded shape, a maximum depth of 10 m, 9 km length and is 7km at its widest, making it the third largest lake partially in N. Macedonia. Specific for the lake is the abundance of fish and the use of cormorants for traditional with the help of birds in reed fences, the so-called mandras. The abundance of endemic algae species that live in Dojran Lake will allow you to breathe iodine, and do not miss to apply on yourself a bit of the healing Dojran mud.

The “Waterland of Strumica”

In the Stumica region which abounds with water from the Belasica Mountain. We invite you to visit some of its waterfalls, like the ones in Kolesino, Smolare or Gabrovo. Mokrino springs and the wetland of Monospitovo another site worth visiting. Yet the biggest water attraction is Bansko Spa, located 12 km from Strumica. It is a thermal mineral spa active from the ancient times and one of the rare preserved Roman monuments of its kind in Europe, with a capacity of over 50 l/sec.

Gevgelija Casinos

Casinos and tourism are two different terms that share a very strong and common bond. Going together hand-in-hand, they represent a multi-faceted world where entertainment, gaming and competition are all merged. This billion dollar industry is attracting a lot of tourists in Macedonia especially, in the city of Gevgelija – known as the “Macedonian Las Vegas”.

  • Banja Banjsko Spa
  • Monasteries of Veljusa & Vodocha
  • Waterfalls of Koleshino, Smolare and Gabrovo
  • Negorci Spa center and rehabilitation center
  • Kozuf ski resort
  • Dojran Lake fishermen huts
  • Mrzenci Village restaurant
  • Border Bogorodica Casino center
  • Suvi Laki holiday place


Two day carnival celebration in the month of February (different date every year connected with Trimeri holiday)


From the founder’s inscription from 1080 “This church of the Most Holy Theotokos the Merciful (Eleusa) is built from the foundations by the monk Manuel, who became episcope of Tiberiopolis in the year 6588 (1080 AD) induction 3”. This is one of the oldest known typikons in the history of Orthodox monasticism, which is a witness to more than thousand years old monastic tradition in Macedonia.

Monastery Vodocha

In the historical resources, in the charters of Basil II in 1018, the monastery is mentioned for the first time. The present outward appearance of the church of St. Leontius depicts the former splendor, but the majority of the interior setting with the multitude of frescoes, the marble iconostasis, the large-scale throne icons, the opulent sacred vessels, the procession banners with precious adornments, the church furniture and the liturgical utensils… have been lost forever

Holy Trinity Waterfalls

Hiking Smolare

Distance: 2.6 km / Elevation: 395 – 580 m / Difficulty: Moderate

Hiking Koleshino

Distance: 2.9 km / Elevation: 395 – 580 m / Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

Hiking Gabrovo

Distance: 3.2 km / Elevation: 337-505m / Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

Jeep off road – Radovish – Vladimirovo

Distance: 39 km / Elevation: 350-1328-866m / Difficulty: Moderate

Fishing Old Fashion Way – Dojran

Early morning start with locals to fish in ancient way in special fisherman huts on Dojran Lake.

Tatlija Radovis

A local sweet pastry made with young white cheese, eggs and sugar, baked and dipped in pre prepared sorbet. Sprinkled with powder sugar can be eaten with added ice cream or local fruit.


A local homemade cold cut prepared with cubed lamb and beef meat, cooked in spices and molded into salami. It can be stored and eaten to even 10 days after.


A local appetizer prepared with boiled potatoes, hot dried local chili peppers, leek , oil and vinegar all crushed and stirred until you get thick substance.

Fig jam
South of Macedonia is rich with fig trees. One of the best specialty is ripe fig jam where combined with sugar, lemon and water turns into the best fig jam you have ever tried.

Imam Bajadi (eggplant)

Another orient based dish of finely cut eggplants on half, filled with fine chopped onions, parsley, hot peppers and tomatoes. Baked in the over, this dish serves as the best rakija and salad appetizer in the region.


Strumica to Skopje APT 151 km (E75)

Strumica to Gevgelija 50 km (R1401)

Strumica to Dojran 43 km (R1105)

Strumica to Sofia 230 km (A3)

Gevgelija to Thessaloniki 87 km (E75)


Gevgelija – Thessaloniki

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