Region of Skopje

Welcome to Skopje, the capital of the Republic of North Macedonia. A city with old tradition and culture, yet a modern city that presents Macedonia’s major political, economic, educational and cultural center. Attractive tourist destination with excellent food and hospitable hosts, abundance of cultural and historical monuments and beautiful surrounding. Existing for 2,500 years, Skopje is the city of many cultures and civilizations, from ancient to Byzantine, from Ottoman to modern.

The classical tour of Skopje is walking tour of app. 2.5 km that if you follow you can experience the culture of the city.  The main promenade of street Macedonia the city that connects the new and the historical part of the city, with the main square of Skopje in the middle. Today after the reconstruction of some of the old buildings destroyed in the 1963 earthquake and the newly erected avenue of the national heroes tells the story of the city and the history of the country.

  • The old Railway station – the museum of Skopje
  • Mother Theresa – memorial house
  • Statue of Alexander the Great of Macedonia
  • The Stone Bridge

Across the most beautiful bridge, most probably built by Justinian the Great, born in the city, the trails leads you to historical town which is today known as the old bazaar. With its medieval and Ottoman architecture, numerous little craftsman shops, Skopje’s Old Bazaar remains one of the biggest and the most colorful centers of its kind.

  • Daut Pasha Hamam, Chifte Hammam, Suli Han, Kapan Han
  • Old Bezisten and the traditional artisan shops
  • The church of the Sv. Spas, Mustapha Pasha Mosque
  • The Fortress Kale

The natural escape for the locals and the tourists in Skopje are the Mount Vodno and The Matka Canyon. Located on the south side of Skopje with Krstovar peak on 1066 highest peak, the Millennium Cross was built in 2002, one of the biggest Christian Crosses in the world. On Vodno west side is Matka or “The womb”. One of the most magnificent regions in Macedonia, a mystical place with vertical rocks concealing numerous caves, ancient temples, medieval churches and monasteries. It is a hidden jewel of nature with emerald green waters, abundance of flora, around 1.000 plant species of which 20% endemic or very rare. A habitat for over 100 bird species of which vultures and eagles among the most interesting ones.

  • Mother Theresa Memorial house
  • Archaeological Museum of Macedonia
  • The statue Warrior on a horse (Alexander the Great)
  • The old stone bridge and the Old Bazaar
  • The Holocaust Memorial Center
  • Archaeological Museum of Macedonia
  • Tumba Madzari prehistory open museum
  • Panteleimon Monastery in Nerezi Mount Vodno
  • Cable Car to Millennium Cross on mount Vodno
  • Canyon Matka with Vrelo cave

Christianity in Skopje

  • Memorial house of Mother Teresa&Constantin and Helena Church
  • SoborenHram – The Church of Saint Clement of Ohrid
  • Medieval churches XIc-XIVc: Panteleymon monastery, King Marko Monastery St. Dimitius,

Monastery of Arch angels Michael & Gabriel Kuceviste, Monastery of St. Nikita in Banjani, Matka monastery and St. Andrew church

  • XIX Curches in the town center:St. Spas Church in old town, St. Dimitirius

Ottoman Influence in Skopje

  • The old bazar: Fortress of Kale, Mustafa Pasha mosque with mausoleum, Kurshumli Han, Kapan Han, Suli Han, Daut Pasha Haman, Chifte Haman, Bit Pazar, Sultan Murat Mosque and the Old Clock tower ,Isa Bey and IskakBey Mosques
  • Skanderbeg Square – an important historical figure to ethnic Albanians

New SKOPJE 2014 Project

The Macedonian Ancient trinity (Alexander the Great monument, Olympia and Phillip II), Gate Macedonia, Eye Bridge and Art Bridgewith historical park of warriors, Archeological Museum of Macedonia, Museum of Macedonian Struggle, National Theater, Millennium Bridge, National Philharmonic.

Vodno options for adventure

Hiking 27 Kilometers of Trail

1 Easy Trail – Slovenska Path (Slovenian Path)1.9km

7 Intermediate Trails – Penzionerska trails, New Year Path and others

2 Difficult Trails – Dimitar Cvetkova Trail& Olympic Path

  • Option for Cable car to Millennium Cross & hiking down
  • Option for Tandem paragliding from Vodno


  • Take a boat or kayak trip along the canyon
  • Visit Vrelo cave -one the deepest underwater caves in Europe
  • Go hiking or rock climbing in the canyon

Biking and mount around Skopje

There are many possibilities and trails, but the most usual arefrom Skopje to Vodno, Kozjak, Markov Manastir, Skopska Crna Gora Mountain

Kebapi – Grilled Minced Meat

Kebapi a.k.a. cevapi, are a dish of minced meat mixed with onions, salt, and pepper, rolled in size of a finger and grilled.

Simit pogacha

Bun-sandwich consisted of bun (bread) and a greasy pie without filling. Typical for Skopje

This crispy thin and layered pastry traditionally contains either cheese or meat. It is a remnant from the Ottoman era, dating back many centuries.

Tripe stew (Shkembe Corba)

Pork, beef or lamb tripe is boiled for few hours, chopped in small pieces, and made into a soup spiced with ground red paprika and served with mashed garlic in vinegar.

Stuffed peppers
Polneti Piperki are Peppers are stuffed with minced meatand rice then baked in the oven. For a vegetarian version you can stuff them with cheese.

BY AIR – Skopje International Airport – 24 km

International flights: All major European cities, Istanbul, Dubai, Abu Dabi, Qatar & Kiev

Regional flights: Belgrade, Zagreb, Athens



E75 highway from Athens- Greece

A1 highway from Belgrade -Serbia

E871 highway from Sofia – Bulgaria

E852 & E65 highway from Tirana – Albania

R6 highway from Prishtina – Kosovo


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