Povardarie Region

The Povardarie region is the central part of N. Macedonia along E-75 route passes and connects several towns like Veles, Kavadarci, Negotino, Demir Kapija and Gevgelija. In the Vardar valley the climate is partly Mediterranean, with low precipitation of app 500mm annually therefore this is the hottest and driest region in N. Macedonia. This fact probably explains why vine growing and wine making are present in this region for several millennia, why 85% of the people in this region grow vines and 85% of the wine produced in N. Macedonia comes from this region. We invite you to visit it and learn about the history of viticulture, indigenous varieties of grape, and the process of vine making in the one of the oldest and distinguished wine region of Europe.

Our story starts with the best preserved archaeological site in N. Macedonia, the ancient city of Stobi. It tells us about the culture, the wealth and glory of the Ancient Macedonians and Romans, the important Via Egnatia road, cult of fertility, the cult of Dionysus and for holy communion in Christianity. Virtual Tour Stobi

Wine Festivals

The pruning of the vines starts on February 14th, the Day of St. Trifun, the protector of vine growers and vineyards. During this day every little household, winery, municipality or town celebrates the day. The wine Harvest in September is similar, though the biggest festival happens in Kavadarci or Tikvesh. Whenever it is the period for vine pruning, vine harvest or just a regular day, there is not a bad day for a glass of good Macedonian wine like Vranec, Kratosija, Kavadarka and the unique delight Stanushina – a grape variety found only in our country.

In the town of Demir Kapija, which name means Iron Gate you will hear of the valleay of the cactuses, the ancient Stenae and medieval Prosek but once again the main story will be about wine. Here you can hear the story of the royal winery and vineyards of the former Yugoslavian King Alexandar Karadjordjevic and the wine story Popova Kula or The Priests Tower, but first do not forget to visit the charming wine museum.

Virtual Tour DemirKapija

  • Memorial Ossuary/Tomb to the Heroes of WWII – Veles
  • Kosta Solev –Racin Memorial house Veles
  • Stobi Archeological site
  • Stobi winery
  • Gradsko – ghost town
  • Tikves Lake
  • Tikves wine museum
  • Rosoman village fruit & vegie street market
  • Popova Kula winery
  • Villa Marija King Alexander vinery
  • DemirKapija Canyon and Valley of the

Veles XIX c time capsule

The charming historical quarter of Veles holdsthe best preserved traditional architecture with memorial houses of Vasil Glavinovand KostaSolevRacin as anexcellentexampleof a time capsule contributed by The Clock Tower and churches of St .Pantaleimon the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. The most famousinhabitants from the town are the so called Gemidzii, young revolutionaries who fought for freedom from the Ottoman Empire. Another sights worth visiting in Veles is the Kosturnica Memorial decorated with beautiful mosaics.

ANCEINT TOWN OF BYLAZORA – An archaeological site of a Peoninan settlement near Veles

STOBI ARCHEOLOGICAL TOUR – Half day visit of the best preserved ancient Archaic period and pre –Roman city.

  1. GEORGE MONASTERY – Nextto Negotinoyou can find a beautiful monastery with a dormitory

WARM POOLS OF DOSHNICA RIVER – Full day with B-bque and wine at the warm pools of Dushnica River 20 km from DemirKapija.

WINERY TOUR – Half day visit of some of the 80 private wineries in the region with wine tasting and lunch.

GEVGELIJA XIXc. CHURCHES- Church of the Ascension of Christ, Ss. Cyril and Methodius, St. Demitrius, Ss. Constantine and Elena, St. Panteleimon, St. Elijah

Demir Kapija outdoor Festival

Atrue haven for outdoors enthusiasts,alpinists, hikers, splonkers, kyakers, and mountain bikers can all find challenging or moderate game amongst the rocks of the Iron Gate. The festival stated just recently but is growing.Every year in May the adventure seekers use the best of the offer


Distance: 13.5 km / Elevation:178-390 m / Difficulty: Easy


Distance: 7.8 km / Elevation:178-390 m / Difficulty: Easy

Natural springs

Negorci Baths are located at the foot of Mount Kožufin extremely pleasant surroundings just 2 kilometers outside of Gevgelija, amidst European ash woods. Nest to the spa,there are two springs: “Vrela banja” (hot)40 °C and “Ladna banja” (cold)38 °C

Smrdliva Voda an altitude of 712 meters, a tourist site was built 24 km from Gevgelija by mineral waters known for their properties to help aid stomach and kidney ailments.


A variation of grape honey, where grapes are grind, crushed, and strained through 10 layers of gauze. After boiled until they become the density of honey.

Rakija ( Grape schnapps)

A grape brandy usually produced form the leftovers of the grapes with alcohol level baring form 40-65 %. Never drink alone and without appetizers.


A combination of local pasta – tarana and jufki (dry small grain pasta and taglliatelle) baked in a pan with white and yellow cheese.

Elder juice
In the wine region rich with elder flowers, we turn everything in God’s sweet nectar. Elder flowers boiled in water with wine or lemon acid, trained and cooled until thicken.


Veles to Skopje Airport 36 km (E75)

Veles to Negotino 40 km

Veles to Kavadarci 46 km (A1)

Veles to Demir Kapija 62 km

Veles to Thessaloniki 185 km (E75)

Veles to Sofia 251 km (A3)


Belgrade – Skopje – Veles – Gevgelija – Thessaloniki

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