Northeastern Region – Kumanovo – Kriva Palanka – Kratovo

The northeast region with its location that covers 6 municipalities: Kratovo, KrivaPalanka, Kumanovo, Lipkovo, Rankovce and Staro Nagorichane, borders N. Macedonia with Kosovo, Serbia and Bulgaria. It is position on two natural routes that connect Europe and the Balkans and the 2.000 localities and archaeological sights show us the significance of the region through the history.

The newest discoveries in the XXI c. revealed a secret that this region is probably the home of one the oldest civilization in Europe.  If you are attracted to mystical and mysterious places, then Kokino -the megalithic observatory in the Kumanovo area is real choice for you. Astronomical observations of the sky through the use of precise physical signs were made by an ancient civilization, IV millenniaogo.The Megalithic observatory of Kokino was proclaimed by NASA as the forth oldest in the world in 2005.

Virtual tour of Kokino

The later medieval period in terms of cultural artefacts was even richer. A local legend tells us of the origin of beautiful churches and monasteries dedicated to local saints. One of them is about ProhorPcinski a hermit who lived close to Monastery at the border with Serbia and the church of St. George in Staro Nagoricane. Beside the church of St.George in Staro Nagorichane there is a small cave where the anchorite spent his ascetic days and where he fortolled a Byzantium soldier to become an emperor. In his honor, the emperor Roman IV Diogenes (1067-1071) built a magnificent church to St. George which was later restored and fresco painted in the XIV c. With most impressive fresco painting compositions created by the distinguished Macedonian masters Mihail and Evtihij still preserved in the church walls.

The second legend is about Joakim Osogovski and his Monastery in KrivaPlanka. According to the hagiography, the hermit spent his ascetic life in fast and prayer in a cave at the locality of Babin Dol. In the reign of the Byzantine emperor Manoil Komnen (1143-1180), the monk Teofan erected the first temple dedicated to Mother Mary, where he brought and buried saint’s relics. At his monastery on 28 august every year, many people come to celebrate the birth of Mother Mary and give gratitude to their saint like their ancestors have done for centuries.

In the Lesnovo village, the anchorite Gavril built a monastery to Holy Archangel Michael. The church was restored several times through the centuries and has beautiful frescoes from the period of despot Jovan Oliver – XIV c., and iconostasis done by the best Macedonian woodcarvers from the XIX c.

Kratvo another medieval site, in the XII become a mining center thanks to the experienced Saxon, miners who came to activate the mine of gold and silver. In the past, on both sides of Tabacka River that flows through Kratovo, there have been 12 towers and 17 bridges. When in Kratovo you must try its slow food product – Kcana Sol.

Virtual tour of Kratovo

  • Kokino 4th Oldest Megalithic Observatory in the World
  • ASNOM memorial Complex in Pelince
  • The church of St. George in StaroNagorichane
  • Kratovo Towers and Bridges
  • Stone Columns of Kuklica
  • Cocev Kamen
  • Monastery of St Archangel Michael and St Hermit Gabriel of Lesnovo
  • Monastery of St. Joakim Osogovski

The Stone Age Tour – Kokino – Kuklice – CocevKamen

Kokino–The local priests to the place of rituals used to follow the movement of the sun and the moon, as well as for observing other phenomena in the skies.

The Valley of the Stone Dolls natural reserve of stone figures lies hidden. An uniquely attractive witness to the sorrow of a girl’s broken heart. It is here where fantasy becomes reality and reality turns into fantasy.

CocevKamen – prehistoric cave dwelling and observatory with megaliths scattered a few hundred meters away.

The Monastery tour – Osogovski – Rilski-Lesnoski – ProhorPchinski

In the north east part of Macedonia, an old legend about four spiritual brothers – hermits who were living together on the Osogovski Mountains is retold since the XI c. till today. One day they gave pledge for the next morning they would each go to one side of the world, and at the place where sunset would fall upon them, they would spend their anchorite life and build a monastery. Today many pilgrims visit the temples erected in their honor, the beautiful churches and monasteries St. ProhorPchinski -in Serbia, St. Gavril Lesnovski, St. JoakimOsogovski and St. Ivan Rilski – in Bulgaria.

Walking tour in the Bislim ravine

A protected natural areaquite significant for colonies of bats and caves and the nesting of some Mediterranean and predatory birds.

Hiking Mount Osogovo

KalinKamen Hike

Distance:  35km RT / Elevation: 830 – 2075 m / Difficulty: Difficult

Biking Mount Osogovo

KalinKamen –Durackareka

Distance:  32km  / Elevation: 830 – 2075 – 654 m / Difficulty: Difficult

Kcana Sol ( Kratovo)

A real specialty in the Kratovo region. A special 10 herbs dried salt, prepared with special sea salt from Italy and special type of corn called carevka. Grind and pounded until you get powder density.


The zelnik in this area is prepared with nettle. It is kneaded dough with yeast and lukewarm water, layered in dough crusts with a mixture of nettle and curd. The zelnikis baked in a round pan and it has usually round spiral form.


A special dish prepared only on Kumanovo includes all the intestines of the lamb (diced lung, liver, tripe and chitterlings) pre cleaned and washed. They are cooked in a clay pot with onions, red peppers and local spices.

Selskomeso (country meat)
Selsko meso is a Balkan pork and mushroom stew. Typical ingredients include pork, onion bits, smoked meat, ground beef, tomatoes or ketchup, cream cheese, mushroom, peppers, spices, wine and salt. It is traditionally prepared in a clay pot.

Macedonian country salad

After the Shopkasalad ,Macedonian country salad is the most famous for rakija.It’s made with fresh local tomatoes, fine sliced onions and sliced baked green peppers mixed with oil, salt and black pepper.


Kumanovo to Skopje APT 24 km (E75)

Kumanovo to Kriva Palanka 63 km (E871)

Kumanovo to Kratovo 54 km

Kumanovo to Belgrade 396 km (A1)

Kumanovo to Sofia 205 km (E871)


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