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The Eastern Region of Macedonia is the basin of the river Bregalnica with the areas of Maleshevia, Pijanec, Kocansko Pole and Slan Dol. There are 11 municipalities with 8 towns and Shtip as it biggest economical and administrative centre. Its origin and history is traced back to kingdom of ancient Paionia as Astibo, known in the Byzantium era as Stipion. There are remains from different period still preserved today can be found at the local museum, but definitely the highlights in Shtipare St. Nikola and the Ascension of Holy Mother of God churches, masterpieces of the Macedonian XIX c. architecture.

Virtual tour of Shtip

Further to the east one reaches Kochani Valley, known for production of rice and the largest thermal basin of high temperature waters in the Balkan Peninsula. In the Osogovo Mountains, 20 km north of Kochaniin an area with dense beech forest Ponikva 1560m ski center is located.

Vitual tour of Kochani

The natural tourist offer of Eastern region of N. Macedonia is predominated by Maleshevo, one of the cleanest and most unpolluted regions in Macedonia. Characterized by a unique combination of almost untouched nature, great cultural and historical heritage, folklore and crafts and the highest concentration of oxygen in the air of the Balkans. The pleasant climate and ecologically – healthy food, makes this area an ideal refuge for rest, gastronomic enjoyment, relaxation and recreation. At the foot of the Maleshevo Mountains in the Maleshevo area at an altitude of about 900 meters is the city of Berovo. Real holiday away from the urban chaos. Due to the specific of the region, Berovo is well known for its potato and the white cheese of Berovo. An interesting legend about the building of the monastery of “St. Archangel Michael” is retold by the locals: at the begging of the XIX c, the Christians of Berovo wanted to build a new bigger church for which they had to get an approval from the Turkish pasha, for which they had to fulfill three conditions …

Pehchevo, another picturesque place surrounded by big pine woods and fresh streams situated under the slopes of the Vlaina Mountain, on an altitude of 1.000 meterson the two banks of Pehchevska River. The most visited location is Pehchevo Waterfall located about 10 km southeast of Pehchevo, in the upper, spring part of the Bregalnica River.

  • Stip Museum and churches
  • Bargala old town
  • Kochani rise fields
  • Ponikva Ski centre
  • VinicaTerracota Icons
  • Berovo lake and pine forest
  • Pehcevo adventure Park

One of the most important late antique cities in Macedonia, located 20 km northeast of Stip. The city is a fortress surrounded by walls and towers, with monumental entrances and gates, dating from the 4th to the 6th century. With walls thicker than two metres, it was built by the Romans as a military camp, and then turned into a civilian settlement and an early Christian episcopal centre in the Bregalnica region. In the 5th century, especially in the time of Justinian I, Bargala reached its peak, but at the end of the 6th century it suffered repeatedly during the Avar and Slavic conquests.

Vinica Terra-cota Icons

Vinicko Kale where found terra-cotta icons, unique in the Christian world.  The collection consists of 40 icons of which the mostare dedicated to St. Michael, although other saints are also represented either alone or in composition: St. Theodore, St. Christopher & St. George, etc. On other icons compositions illustrating biblical texts (St. Daniel Among the Lions, 42nd Psalm of David, 66th Psalm of David, The Kings Bring Gifts to Newborn Christ, Fruits of the Promised Land ) are represented.

Museum of Berovo

The first thing one should visit in Berovo is probably the city museum which holds possession of many item from the first Macedonian rebels and uprisings against the slavery from the Ottomans: Dedo Iljo Malesevski and Dimitar Pop Georgiev – Berovski and heroes and examples of many generations.

Hiking Berovo

Distance: 21,5 km / Elevation: 1000 – 1403 – 920 m / Difficulty: Difficult

Biking Berovo

Distance: 45 km / Elevation: 730-1200-800m / Difficulty: Very Difficult

Jeep Off Road Berovo

Distance: 70 km/ Elevation: 1370-2580-1370m / Difficulty: Dificult

The adventure park Panorama Pehchevo

With a total length of 600 metres, as well as 36 ramps, out of which 24 are for grown ups only, while 12 are for children. The park is consisted of two parts:

  • Adrenaline Trail, 360 metres long, which requires large physical and mental preparation and it challenges the fear, and is available for grown ups only.

· Zipline, 240 metres long, available both for children and grownups, which is within the swamp-ecosystem Ezerce, where the entire family can spend part of the day in rest and recreation.


A local version of the Italian pizza. Using dough made from white flour, mild water and yeast, you create a boat shape dough and decorated with pre-marinated meat (pork, chicken or pastrma (sheep meat) in paprika and oil). You cook in wooden stove and serve with local green chili peppers feferoni.

Sutlijaz Kochani

Known for it rice, the region is rich with dishes made from rice like Sutlijaz (a sweet savory dish made with milk, rice, sugar and vanilla). It is also known as the rice pudding.

Monastery white cheese

An appetizer fit for the kings. Fine grated white local cheese is combined with milk, homemade butter, cayenne peppers and gloves of garlic. Tastes great with a local Macedonian salad and homemade local bread.

Maleshevska tava
A meat dish that combines pork meat, small meatballs, yellow cheese, mushrooms and onions. Enriched with smoked bacon, tomato puree and glass of local red wine, the dish is backed and served in traditional earth dish,.

Maleshevska pita-pie (Zelnik)

A special pie made with white cheese and spinach or white cheese and fried leek,peppers and tomatoes. Build and backed in different layers of dough crust, this pie is a regular Sunday morning breakfast in this region.


Stip to Skopje APT 60 km (A4)

Stip to Kocani 32 km (A3)

Stip to Berovo 83 km (A3, P527)

Stip to Sofia 213 km (A3)

Stip to Thessaloniki 194 km (E75)


Skopje – Shtip – Kochani

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