Tikves Winery

Tikveš Winery was founded in 1885 in a region with centuries-old winemaking tradition, blessed with perfect natural conditions, warm and passionate people and a lively, authentic culture.

For more than 135 years, the sky, land, sun and vineyards in the south of Europe, each with its own share, have been a part of the story about Tikves wines.

Apart from the grapes grown in the Tikves wine region, which is the biggest wine region in the country, there are also the terroirs Lepovo, Barovo and Bela Voda. Each of these micro locations offers a specific set of natural conditions that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, which make the Tikves wines produced there unique and high quality.

Our fine wines receive more than 70 prestigious awards every year in international wine competitions, such as the “International Wine Challenge” and “Decanter” in the UK, and “Mundus Vini” in Germany, thus further establishing Tikveš as a world-class winery. Only in 2020 our wines have won more than 120 international awards.

Tikveš is the only winery that has won high 93,94,95/100 points by wine critic Robert Parker for its wines in the entire South Eastern Europe.

For all those wishing to know more about the culture of producing and enjoying our unique wine and explore the beauties of Tikves wine region you are more than welcome to visit us.

If you are wine lover, wine enthusiast or wine expert, our oenologists are always willing to show you around and tell you everything about our award winning wines, while at our Tikves restaurant you will get memorable wine and dine experience. For all adventurers out there, we have perfect routes for your adventurous activities, you will experience the rurality, tradition and culture of the region, the untouched and undiscovered nature and local villages. As much as it can be adventurous, that much can be peaceful and mindful experience, by enjoying the sun and perfect vineyards view, tasting local traditional food and reviving the local stories.

We create experience of being local! Taste unique terroir wines and traditional food while hearing local stories and enjoying the sun and view of the magical vineyard valley.  Discover the wine secrets of an old tradition and experience the simplicity and the richness of the local heritage.

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