Hotel Montana Krusevo ★★★★

Hotel Montana was built in 1973 in Yugoslavia as a state owned company. Today it is privately owned company operated as a flexible startup.

In 2010 this hotel was bought by a local family and since then it has undergone couple of renovation cycles, and through re-branding it’s image was restored. Sales has grown 10-fold so far and continues to grow. 

Hotel Montana has 77 beautiful rooms. Accommodation equipped to satisfy the modern traveler. Most of our rooms look at Krusevo from a high point, producing spectacular view over the town that looks like a nest. It was built by the aesthetically aware ancestors during the times of the Ottoman Empire. The bigger part of the town hasn’t changed and kept the antique look. 

Krusevo is a popular tourist destination with huge historical footprint. There are numerous historical landmarks witnessing the first and short stint at democracy on the Balkans. Adventure tourism, paragliding, skiing, hiking mountain baking are some of the many things you can do in Krusevo.

It doesn’t matter if you are interested in history, culture, nature, art, sports or food, here you can find everything. Behind every corner of the city there is something or someone who is telling you a story or a legend from the past. 

Hotel Montana has a terrific location with a unique view on the city from one side, and a beautiful forest on the other. Our service is extremely professional. When it comes to the restaurant menu, we offer diversity of freshly prepared food choices, including traditional local and Macedonian food. You can truly relax after a busy day spent walking or working in our rooms providing maximum comfort and coziness. Start your day in the right mood and plan the next steps of your route with unlimited options of activities.

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Business Details
  • Location
  • Category
  • Address
    Pitu Guli BB Krusevo
  • Rooms/ Capacity
    Rooms/ Capacity

    77/200 pax

  • Operating since/ Last restoration
    Operating since/ Last restoration


  • No of restaurants/Capacity
    No of restaurants/Capacity

    1/300+30 in bar

  • Conference hall


  • Swimming pool:
    Swimming pool:


  • Spa center
    Spa center


  • Bus Approach/Parking
    Bus Approach/Parking


  • Card payment
    Card payment


  • Staff speak languages
    Staff speak languages

    Macedonian, English 

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