Hotel Gold ★★★★

We are a Hotel in the heart of Skopje where you can connect to the all touristic attraction in 10-20 minutes by walking.

We have a great experience of service since 2013 and because of that in 2019 we have expanded our facility from 22 to 82 rooms. We expect tourist tours from every place of the world.

Our priority is the satisfaction of our guests.

We make our guests feel like their second home and weal ways make sure they want to visit the city again and stay with us again.

We make sure that the facility, our staff, hygiene, food and other things will always remain on the same level to achieve the satisfaction of our guests. In one word we make sure that our guests feel comfort with the value that we offer.

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Business Details
  • Location
  • Category
  • Address
    Boulevard Krste Petkov Misirkov 13, Skopje 1000
  • Rooms/ Capacity
    Rooms/ Capacity

    82/168 pax

  • Operating since/ Last restoration
    Operating since/ Last restoration


  • No of restaurants/Capacity
    No of restaurants/Capacity


  • Conference hall

    Under construction 

  • Swimming pool:
    Swimming pool:


  • Spa center
    Spa center


  • Bus Approach/Parking
    Bus Approach/Parking


  • Card payment
    Card payment


  • Staff speak languages
    Staff speak languages

    English, Turkish, Macedonian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Greek, Croatian, Serbian

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